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The first time I had my work critiqued was unsolicited but very much appreciated. I don’t remember the year or the time of year for that matter, but I remember meeting my friend for coffee at a Barnes & Noble in Livingston, NJ. Moo, as we call him, met with me to talk about new headshots that he needed. I can’t remember if he was an art major or took a class on art, but he took the liberty to critique my work as I was showing him my portfolio. I remember him using words like continuity and composition. Words…

A device to help you remember some key elements when taking a picture.

Image by Mark Mendoza

I have such a newfound interest in writing that it’s compelled me to read a lot of books on the topic. I want to learn how to write well and I understand that in itself will take a lot of time to do. So with that, I’ve been expanding my reading with different genres that I generally don’t divulge in. Genres like literature and fiction, and even more proper works like The Constitution of The United States. All this reading and learning brought me back to a time when I started to learn about Photography.

It brought me back to…

The 6 phases every photographer goes through as they evolve with their editing

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Why you need an everyday camera

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Whether you’re a 9–5 photographer, own your own photography business, or you’re a photographer who books gigs outside of your regular job; you should own what I call an “everyday camera.” If you’ve been in the business for a long time there’s a possibility you own a multitude of cameras. The majority of photographers I know own two to three full-frame DSLR’s from one era or another. You may also be the type of photographer who upgrades his camera like one upgrades their smartphones. When the new model comes out, you sell your current one and buy the new one…

The 7 Phases Every Photographer Goes Through at One Point or Another.

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I wrote an article earlier this month titled Learning — 3 Guiding Principles to Help Beginners Get Into Photography. In that article, I discussed the steps you should take before diving into the world of photography. Basic principles to help you decide whether or not photography is something you actually want to do, or if it’s some fleeting notion of a thought that came rushing into your head out of excitement from something you saw or read.

For those who are still teetering back and forth on the fence go read that and then come back here.

In this article…

A Retrospective Look at How I discovered My Masculinity

Self-portrait by Mark Mendoza

Tattoos, motorcycles, whiskey, black coffee, thoughtful, generous, and kind.

There’s a certain juxtaposition in the words mentioned above, at least one defined by a less progressive aspect of society. It’s almost like a game of what doesn’t belong. Those words, however, describe me as a man. They describe me as a person. The first set of words are all things I enjoy and the second set of words are adjectives used to describe me.

Recently on a drive to visit my Mom in Las Vegas, I was listening to the podcast called, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman. The podcast is one of my favorites. On the…

What Will Happen To Our Social Media Lives When Social Media Dies?

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I’m a photographer and because I am, I take a lot of precautions to ensure images are securely saved. I save the raw files (images straight from the memory card), I save the DNG files (digital negatives), and I save the final edits (the pictures after I’m done editing them.)

Those images are saved onto an external hard drive. Then, those images get backed up onto another external hard drive. My iPhone photos get backed up to the iCloud and to my dropbox account. …

What Reading might do for you?

Photograph by Mark Mendoza

Growing up, I hated reading. Hate might be a strong word, but it accurately depicted how I felt about the act. It’s not that I didn’t like books, it’s that I didn’t have the attention span for it. I didn’t understand why anyone would read when you could watch TV or a movie. Luckily, my lack of reading didn’t equate to my comprehension skills; I managed a B average when it came to my English classes. My grades were nothing to brag about, just something worth mentioning for the purpose of this article.

As I got older and started discovering…

The factors that lead me to lose 22 pounds in 2.5 months, my lowest body weight to date

235 lbs was what I weighed after I finished mechanics school in 2003, I was 20 then. I was always a chubby kid but the weight really packed on during high school when I would eat whole pizzas and consume 2-liter sodas to myself. Mayonnaise sandwiches and party size bags of chips were my go-to after school snack. Even though I was a bigger kid, the weight never seemed like a problem until the day I saw myself in a photograph. I turned to my sister, and said, “do I really look like that?” If I remember correctly, even she…

Basic guiding principles to help you decide whether you want to take photography seriously.

Photograph by Mark Mendoza

As a photographer, I often get asked the question, “what camera should I buy?”

Let me tell you, that’s a loaded question whether you know it or not. They say that the best camera is the one that you have on you. That statement rings true, because if there’s a moment you need to capture and all you have on you is your smartphone, well, then that’s the best camera for the moment. If you deny that smartphone the opportunity, then you just let a moment pass you by and possibly denied yourself a great image.

There’s a ton of…

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